Visitor Monitoring Rosemont General Store and Kitchen - A Brief History


George or "Squire" Cummings came to the village of Rosemont in 1857 and purchased a parcel of land from Hugh Morrison that fronted Commercial Street (now Hwy 89).  In 1861-62 George constructed the building, which would one day become the modern Rosemont General Store and Kitchen. 

George sold the building in 1886, and since then, it has gone through several owners and several names. In 1945, James E. and Annie Q. Nicol purchased the building and ran a general store, known as Nicol's store.  It is believed that the west-side addition to the building, based on structure, style and the photograph hanging in the store today, was built while owned by the Nicols.

The Nicols sold the store 1950 and it passed through several more owners until 2012 when the Rosemont General Store in the hamlet of Rosemont was purchased by the current owner Janice O‘Born.