Catering Services

Catering Services

Rosemont General Store & Kitchen offers catering, available for corporate gatherings, birthday parties, or private functions for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Licensed under the LCBO. Rosemont General Store and Kitchen offers delicious catering services for business gatherings, birthday parties, or any private event. All meals are made from local, farm fresh ingredients for a delightful culinary experience!

Corporate breakfast menu at Rosemont Store & Kitchen in Mulmur

Enjoy a delicious start to the day with our corporate breakfast menu! Choose from classic comforts or creative options like our breakfast pizza.

Corporate lunch menu at Rosemont Store & Kitchen in Mulmur

Impress your guests at your next event with tasty corporate lunch ideas. Work with us to plan the perfect menu for your special occasion.

Corporate dinner menu at Rosemont Store & Kitchen in Mulmur

We provide convenient corporate dinner catering for private events and are licensed under the LCBO. Call us today to discuss menu options!

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