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 - Euro Scrubby - 

The Euro Scrubby is made from non-toxic cotton fibres. Can be reused for up to two years, is made with low impact dyes, and is non-toxic. It can be used on Teflon-type pans, glass and ceramic stovetops.

 - Stinson Bowls - 

Since 1982, Stinson Studios has gained international recognition and grown to be Canada's most recognizable creator of wood serving bowls and their Signature Sculptural Burl Vessels.

 - Honey Candles - 

100% pure beeswax candles are unlike any other candles. They create a beautiful ambiance with their warm glow, soft honey scent and air purifying effects that don't release toxins.

 - Mrs. Bridges - 

Mrs Bridges' charming portfolio of luxury products retains more than a touch of nostalgia - from the classic packaging to the traditional recipes and methods used to create a superior gift range.

 - Stockholm Inside - 

Imported from Sweden, these absorbent dish cloths are a wonder in the kitchen. You'll never go back to sponges or regular cloths when you see how they work. Kitchen surfaces are left virtually streak-free.

 - Garden Trading - 

Garden Trading focus on designing functional everyday products without compromising on style. All products are made using responsibly sourced materials, from ethically- responsible manufacturers.

 - Veeraswamy - 

Veeraswamy unparalleled Indian cuisine, has created a sophisticated new range of Classical Indian pastes, chutneys and spice blends. They are bursting with flavours!

 - Drury Teas - 

Quality and taste are established descriptions where Drury products are concerned. From wholesale tea & coffee right through to ancillary products such as cups and sugar. Temptation, enjoyment, satisfaction.

 - Spirit Bear Coffee - 

The inception of The Spirit Bear Coffee Inc came to fruition in March 2006. Fair Trade Certified and Organic Coffee proudly served at Rosemont.